ellyn-weiss-webEllyn Weiss is a visual artist and independent curator with studios in Mt. Rainier, MD and Truro, MA. She has had more than 24 solo shows and has participated in numerous juried and curated exhibitions. Ellyn works in a wide variety of media. The paintings and sculpture in her most recent solo shows have used wax, oilbar, dry pigment and tar.

Weiss’s work has, for many years, been inspired by the imagery of biological and natural structures and most recently, by the threats posed to life by global climate change. She is one of three artists who collaborated on an exhibition at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2014 entitled “Voyage of Discovery.” The artists imagined a journey to the polar region where the ice is permanently receding and where life forms were uncovered that might have been buried for millennia.

Along with Sondra Arkin, Ellyn curates the Zeitgeist exhibition series featuring artists responding to an issue important to our moment in time. Subjects covered in the three exhibitions to date include the diminution of privacy (“Under Surveillance”) and the meaning of the election of Barack Obama (“What’s Important Now?”). The third of the series, “Too Much Information,” about the effects of the internet on the human brain, ran at the District of Columbia Art Center in the spring of 2012. A fourth is in the planning stages.

Prior to becoming a full-time artist in 1997, Ellyn practiced environmental law. Her work including serving as General Counsel to the Union of Concerned Scientists where she still serves as a member of the Board of Directors.